Xylylene Amine(XDA)

Compounded by the ammoxidation of xylene and adding hydrogen, xylylene amine is a sort of chemical material, used as a curing agent of epoxy resin and is one of the best curing agents of low toxicity and normal temperature.It has not only the flexibility of fatty amine,but also all the features of aromatic amine.It is widely used in aerospace war industry,electronic and electrical appliances, instrument,mechanical and chemical industry,plastic mold,the manufacture of vehicle and ship,insulating material,antisepsis material, coating, bonder and sealing agent;at the same time, it can also be used as rubber and ionic adjuvants. Besides, it is an important raw material for synthetic materials like aromatic polyaimde,isocyanate and polyurethane.

I. Product Performance:

Molecular weight:136

Appearance: colorless or slightly yellow liquid, having the odor of almond

Viscosity:6.8 centipoise/20℃

Specific gravity:1.055/20℃

Freezing point:12℃

Boiling point:248℃or145℃/1.87×103Pa

Dissolution: dissolved in water and organic solvent (except saturated hydrocarbon)


Condition of cure:2-6 hours

SFL antifogging paint

I.General Survey of the Product (Q/ABEB 003-2000 )

As a new and special coating,antifogging paint is used in humid environment to prevent or delay the fogging phenomenon on the surface of an object. Developed in our institute,SFL antifogging paint can match with the same type of foreign products so as to replace imported antifogging paint. Apart from preventing fogging, it has good antisepsis effect.

With the finishing of SFL antifogging paint ,the equipment will have less corrosion and longer service life,which is advantageous to safe production. Finishing the workshop and walls of the storehouse with this paint can avoid pollution on the products caused by wall mildew. When used in civil residence and office, this paint can purify the living and working environment,which is good to the health.

II. Application Field:

This paint can be widely used in various fields of both industry and civil. At present, it is mainly used in the following places:

1.Buildings: factory,shop,storehouse,office building,civil dwelling,traffic tunnel,underground building,etc.

2.Equipments: power installations,communication facilities,underwater facilities,aviation instruments,cabins of warship or ship,water or oil pipelines,etc.

Serial Zinc Phosphide Liquid Under Normal Temperature

I. General Survey:

This product is a serial zinc phosphide liquid used under normal temperature. Spray the liquid on the surface or dip the steel and iron objects in the liquid. A thin, even and closely knit film phosphide will be formed. The product applies to precoating before various finishing.

II.Technological Performance Standards:

Acomponent:basic liquid transparent-light blue liquid

Bcomponent:neutralizer transparent-light yellow liquid

Ccomponent:accelerant transparent-light yellow liquid

Acomponent: total acidity≥480 free acid≥50 density≥1.2

Bcomponent: total alkalinity≥320 density≥1.08

Ccomponent: accelerant≥3000 density≥1.2




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